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The 1st storytelling memecoin on IOTA EVM.

FOMOFox transcends the typical memecoin, introducing a form of market-driven storytelling unparalleled in the crypto realm! The narrative unfolds through the direct influence of its token holders, weaving a compelling saga that blends viral meme culture with the complexities of the crypto universe, notably the IOTA ecosystem. This innovative approach entices not only crypto enthusiasts but also those previously unacqainted with cryptocurrency, inviting them into a world of thrilling entertainment.

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The FOMOFox token is running on IOTA EVM.
Token contract: 0x30a1398cF11cb9E852E5d80aCe7FFd5ec271169E

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About FOMOFox

FOMOFox is the first memecoin on IOTA EVM, combining market storytelling and memes to engage the community. It promotes creativity and excitement in decentralized finance, leveraging IOTA EVM for scalability and security.

FOMOFox merges finance and memes, offering activities like meme creation, contests, and riddles. Its active community on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord shares a passion for memes and DeFi.

By partnering with meme creators and influencers, FOMOFox enhances its ecosystem and expands its influence in the crypto community. With its innovative approach and engaged community, FOMOFox aims to lead the memecoin space on IOTA EVM, offering a unique experience to the IOTA community.


Meet the Team

Together, the FOMOFox team embodies a spirit of collaboration and innovation, leveraging their diverse skill sets to drive the project forward. Their combined expertise in social media, graphic design, storytelling, coding, and project management forms the foundation of FOMOFox’s success, enabling the team to tackle challenges, seize opportunities, and deliver value to users and stakeholders.

Tobi (aka le_erdnuss)


Tobi is a multifaceted professional with a background in mechanical engineering. In addition to his main job, he ventured into the e-commerce world six years ago, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit.

He began his e-commerce journey by designing for clothes and soon expanded his work to include products like no-content (such as notebooks) and content books, steadily gaining more experience. As AI-generated content emerged in recent months, Tobi adapted his skills to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Tobi built the brand deepdive_peanut on Instagram, where he shares his knowledge on the print-on-demand business, guiding others on research and innovative design creation.

Martin (aka LECTOR)


Martin, serving as the Principal Project Manager in the dynamic duo behind FOMOFox, brings a wealth of experience in IT project management to the table. With a background in IT, his strengths lie in various domains crucial for the success of FOMOFox, including web design, system interfaces, coding, and infrastructure development.

With his robust skill set and proven track record in navigating complex IT landscapes, Martin plays a pivotal role in driving the FOMOFox project forward, ensuring efficient project management and the successful execution of key objectives. Additionally, Martin is responsible for managing FOMOFox partnerships, further contributing to the growth and success of the project.

Community incentives


Some allocated tokens will be distributed via airdrops to community members meeting specific criteria. Airdrops reward engagement and introduce new users to FOMOFox. This democratizes token access and promotes broader adoption within the ecosystem.


Besides airdrops, tokens will be allocated for raffles, allowing participants to win FOMOFox tokens randomly. Raffles add excitement, encouraging community engagement and activity. FOMOFox aims to incentivize participation and build community camaraderie through raffles.


The remaining tokens will be for promotional campaigns like social media contests and referral programs. These initiatives aim to raise awareness, attract users, and foster community growth. FOMOFox rewards user contributions to ensure a loyal and supportive community driving long-term success.

Our official partners

Tide – marketing suite for Web3

Tide is an innovative web3 marketing suite, designed to engage and reward communities, marking a new era in customer engagement and retention strategies.

MagicSea – Decentralized Exchange

MagicSea is the leading Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and NFT Marketplace on IOTA and Shimmer EVM offering a premier Trading and Market Making experience.

ApeBond – Bonding protocol

ApeBond is a multi-chain bonding protocol committed to building a sustainable DeFi future for projects and communities.

leVerlag – Publisher for our books

leVerlag specializes in publishing FOMOFox books, catering to both children and adults, aimed at educating about cryptocurrency. Their range covers diverse learning needs, making complex topics accessible and engaging for all ages.

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